Anders Jensen, member of ida 
The company was founded by Jes O. Kristiansen in 1973, and has operated as a consulting engineering company for 35 years . 
The company was from 01.01.00 taken over by Anders Jensen

Primary tasks:
We perform counseling in structural engineering, plumbing installations, ventilation and electrical installations. 
Our typical work is the design of building structures and installations for new buildings and major refurbishments. We also perform technical inspections of schools, apartment buildings and 1. and 5. years inspections for Byggeskadefonden (Building Defects Foundation), including special investigations and remediation projects for Byggeskadefonden.
There are also projected constructions projects, typically site development of residential neighborhoods and upgrading of sewer infrastructure.
Construction management and supervision of all engineering disciplines.
We are appointed as surveyor in different surveyor businesses.

We employ structural engineers, plumbing engineers, electrical engineers, building contractors and office staff.
The building contractors work with all structures, masonry, wood, concrete, steel etc. with extensive knowledge in the design of structures in application mode, breaking strength and fire cases. Our work is based on current set of standards.
The plumbing engineers work with all kind of installations: water, heating boilers, gas etc. and also ventilation.
The electrical engineers work with power and light installations, lightning plants, computer installations, custom installations, automatic fire alarm systems, internal warning and patient call systems (emergency medical alarm system).   

Software and hardware
We use the latest versions of programs, such as Microsoft Office, Revit AutoCad 2008, Nordsoft (statics), Mistra (statics), Masonry Design (DTI), Microsoft Project, and others.
All documentation is composed digitally on the computer and through the network and subsequently ADSL connection, we can disseminate documentation to collaborators, building owner consultants and others.

We have our own large format graph plotter (printer), type OCE TDS400 with associated folder, type OCE 940, in that way all documentation in the form of drawings, can be printed and distributed without unnecessary delays.